Mortgage Services

We offer a wide variety of pre- and post- mortgage services for our customers. From credit counseling and mortgage rate negotiations to one-on-one counseling with tax-related claims and homestead exemption – we’ve got you covered. Take a closer look at all our services.

Credit Counseling
Repairing a credit score and maintaining a good one takes work. We’re here to make the process easier. Our customized services are based on your needs. We’ll guide you with money management tips and debt management plans.

Financial Planning
Sticking to a plan doesn’t have to be challenging. Our financial planners will assess your current financial situation and address your financial goals. We work with you to develop strategies based on your needs and help you put that plan into action. We’re here to listen, ask important questions, adapt and keep you on the right path.

Mortgage Rate Negotiation
Our team of professionals has access to competitive interest rates from banks across the nation. We’re able to use this information to negotiate a strong interest rate on behalf of our clients.

Post-Closing Counseling
Many first time home owners are eligible to receive homestead exemption. This guarantees that the property taxes on your home may not increase more than three percent per year. We work to educate you on these post-closing tax-related opportunities, so that you can take advantage of this exemption within the qualifying timeframe.